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"Lady of luck come out of your hidden course bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above  and in the light of luck will be blessed i, when the moon is next to be full."


A simple luck spell from me to you; I can see that the spell is working well; being that it has brought you here. You are lucky enough to have found this article. Due to your amazing raise in luck, you will be given the chance to indulge and fully understand the power of the world, the power to change, and control your life and the lives of others, all for the better, of course. To understand the world as it is, is unimaginable but to be by twist and turn all these aspects of your will, the world will be as easy as you will it to be.


Many ask how this is possible.  How may my will be manifested in this world, the answer is rather simply... Do you believe it magick? The power to create your own understanding and your conception of the world, the world is differently amazing for all, but your world can be even more amazing by embracing the whole new concept of magick. From that board sphere, I give you a taste of the grace that is magick; spell casting. A spell is written or spoken words that when used in an act of magick is designed to cause or impact a particular course of activities.  Perception in and the use of spells are worldwide and have been a fundamental element of all aspects of life.


The use of words can define who you are, who someone else is and how things should be. Your words already has power; the power to build, the power to change and the power to destroy, but the use of that power is not based on your absolute will be on the persons your words fall on and their choice to act upon those words, but a spell is not simply a strings of words but it is an extension of your will and who you are and what you desire. Spells range from all spheres, all spectrums and all avenues; you are not limited to a defined spell. There are spells for all situations, for all aliments and plight: truth spells, agree spells, spells to remove sickness and the most preferred spell; the love spell. You don't have to be tied by your feelings or emotions but you can now make your wishes sore and take flight and become reality. Your life does not have to marked with failure and belittlement, but if you have the will and the power; a spell can be the key to the express of all those conviction; fun or play spells are a great way to express and open up by put your feelings and will in any spell the outcome will be amazing. 


Spells are meticulously related to wishes, your desires, and wants, which are traditionally made up of a case to the Gods or deities as used in many different prays, which calls forth a preferred result.  It includes the creation of an objective, a declaration of wish for the objective, and ritualized motions of the body. In magick, spells are carefully attached to various techniques of mental energy such as:  innovative creation, positive imaging, and positive considerations. All of which highlight our psychological pictures of the objective and our link with it, repeating our purpose to accomplish this objective, you can project your will, and relay a case to the spirits, deities, or the heavenly energy for their aid.


These types of spells can be regularly used in everyday situation, the simple task of lighting a candlestick starting the habit process.  Such everyday spell represent minimal magick's such as:  delights, are be it blessings, self-help, positive ideas and the delivering of beneficial treatment efforts to others.  Used on a everyday angles it is not therefore necessary to perform the complicated process of a full group casting ritual


Spells can be valuable or dangerous and can be proved beneficial on people, creatures, and natural features.  Their uses are unlimited and involve: healing, longevity, success plus money, protection from disaster, and more so, love.   Love spells  can be powerful ways to attract a true love to you. True loves spells work and are a great way to find someone who might be perfect for you at the time.  True love spells have their flaws, but overall they are effective ways to find a true love using magick.



There are positive spells and negative spells, but the most positive and most used spells is that of the love, words of bewitchment and enchantment. Love spells are wonderful formulae developed to find, entice, sketch, situated, or otherwise generate love. Love spell should not be puzzled with sex spells. love spells are particularly targeted at generating or obtaining love, while sex spells uses the feelings of sex, and sometimes love, to carry about a preferred outcome that may or may not be relevant to enjoy. There is no one kind of really love magick. Like spells, love spells can start from easy incantations to complicated wonderful traditions. Love magick can be anything from a prayer to a heart-felt wish. Love means can also be amulets, charms, dolls;...just like love, a love spell can take any form, and be used on anyone.


Spells are abundant is all forms and can be the life change note for the caster, whatever you are casting to achieve, be mindless of all your needs and intent, with spells your ideas, and will is now empowered and can extend influence on any force you wish it. Spells are more than words they are extensions of you and your desire, you can now find success in all spells; truth, healing or love. Imagine if you could “will” all your wants, and needs you have wished for, to now become true! All things unfold before you and your wishes become reality, thanks to magick.

Joseph chai kabbalah

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